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Plantar Fasciitis Shoes for Women

In fact, many runners have to face to plantar fasciitis during their lifetime. However, you still can run while treating this condition. The thing you need to do is investing in the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis. However, not all runners feel it easy to choose a suitable pair of running shoes. To help you out, we give you a look at the best plantar fasciitis shoes for women on the market today. Then, you can easily choose the right pair for your feet as well as your plantar fasciitis.


NIKE Dual Fusion Run 2

This brand has many effective plantar fasciitis shoes. Nike Dual Fusion Run 2 is a perfect shoe for treating plantar fasciitis. It offers breathable air spaces on the side in order to reduce the chances of your leg swelling more. With the shoe, you can easily curve as you take steps because this light shoe has a rubber sole. Also, it’s easy to adjust the tightness inflicted on the foot thanks to its laces. Plus, there are cotton cushions for support to the arch and the plantar fascia.

Women’s Orthaheel Action Walker

This shoe is popular for its patented orthaneel arch support. The shoe allows you to prevent your feet from shocks during walking or running due to the support from deep heel cup. Also, you can hold the foot well from knocks and shocks thanks to the cotton cushion on the interior sides.

NEW Balance W1340

New Balance W1340 is a perfect training shoe for women. It comes with a good design and its tarsal stability to support the plantar fasciitis. Especially, the shoe is cheap. However, it’s still durable, and it even can last for a long time.

Brook Addiction Walker V-Strap

With this shoe, you won’t worry about that your foot slips out of the shoes because it comes with Velcro straps. Besides, it offers cushions on the interior sides in order to prevent unnecessary foot motions. Its inner soles are able to support the plantar fascia and the heel from knocks and shock when you walk or run due to a good design. The shoe is also spacious for toes. Moreover, it’s easy to change the orthotic removable inserts as well as adjust them.

Saucony Guide 9

This shoe is refined regularly to become the best solution for feet problems. The Saucony Guide 9 has cushions in its interior. Therefore, it can support the arch and the entire foot. This unit is designed especially for long distance walking or running. You surely get the comfort and stability because of its good design with cushions.


Nowadays, there are many shoes on the market designed especially for treating plantar fasciitis condition. Your duty is choosing the best one of them in order to correct and prevent this condition. We recommend you to choose one of the top five products we’ve listed here. They are all considered highly to be the best methods for plantar fasciitis on the market today.



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